Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday again

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I honestly don't know how it happens that the weekends can go by so fast. Before I know it, it's the dreaded Sunday night, and then before I know it, the alarm is going off and it's Monday morning! It ain't right.

I had a nice weekend, though, so I shouldn't complain. I met up with a friend and ex-coworker, who is now attending law school at my alma mater, UCLA. We met up for breakfast on Friday, which was really fun. MPP seems to be doing really well in law school (as I knew he would), so that's great. I'm happy for him. Hopefully we will be able to meet up more often. We joked that we could rendezvous on Fridays and just not tell our respective boyfriends. Ha!After that, the usual Friday MO- errands and yoga. I will spare you from yet another entry all about my yoga practice, but suffice it to say it was another thoroughly challenging, sweaty, and but rewarding experience. On Saturday, we went down to SD to celebrate B's dad's birthday. We spent the night, and then drove back yesterday, followed by the usual Sunday MO- our weekly visit to the Whole Foods. Grocery shopping is such a chore, but then it's so nice to have food again, so what can you do? I experimented with a tofu burger recipe last night that was not my best culinary attempt. B was nice enough to eat it, but I think I will be trying a more exciting version next time. The consistency was okay, but boy was it bland! :p

On Friday, I purchased some yarn for my little camisole thing. I'm excited to try out some Rowan's All Seasons Cotton. You can't tell from this photo, but the color is a dark olive greenish-grayish color. (I am amgnetically drawn to greens and gray, what can I say?) I think it will look good, if I can get the pattern to the right size. Yes, once again, I am a slave to size and gauge issues. I couldn't find a yarn I liked that was the right gauge (this yarn is a smaller gauge). Issue #1. Then, there are no instructions for the size I need-the S would be too small, the M would be too big. Issue #2. So I thought I could, once again, attempt to use a size smaller needle and smaller gauge yarn, using the pattern instructions for a larger size, in hopes of getting a sweater that actually fits. Yeah. I know, good luck. I'll try this out for a bit and then measure and see where I am. Why does this always happen to me? I think I am one step closer to designing my own patterns...


Anonymous said...

Love the yarn - can't wait to see some pics of what it turns into!

Your SP :-)

Nonnahs said...

Me too! ;) I've already had to switch needle sizes again...I think I'm on my 3rd try at this. Never a dull moment when I'm trying to size something!