Saturday, April 23, 2005

Green Shrug

Shrug WIP #1
Originally uploaded by Disentangled.
Here is a picture of my current Work In Progress. Its a moss green shrug that I am knitting with Lion Brand Lion Suede (2 held together). I think it will end up looking great - but my gosh its taking forever to finish. I am much happier working on projects with pieces so that I can see the results quickly. This thing seems like I have been knitting it FOREVER! There is nothing like knitting something of the same yarn for a solid 60 or so inches. However, if it works out, I will be very proud of myself because I modified the free pattern from the internet. When I started knitting the shrug using the pattern specifications (and gauge I might add) it was coming out nothing like the picture - which is what I wanted. So, I frogged it quickly - so it didn't hurt too much - and started over using my own pattern modifications. So far, I thinks its working - but we shall see!

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