Friday, May 13, 2005

New flick

In fitting with my previous post about male knitters. I thought I would pay homage to one of the most frequently speculated male knitters - Russell Crowe. I have read in several different places that he knits, although the truth behind this seems to be boarding in the realm of Urban Myth.

Anyway, whether or not Russell Crowe knits is actually not the point of this post. It is to spotlight his new movie called Cinderella Man. My brother gave us free passes for a screening of this movie last night. And due to the craziness and logistics of getting into the theater we almost decided to leave (including, but not limited to: 1) difficulty navigating the grid of one-way streets surounding Horton Plaza, 2) general grumpiness due to lack of dinner, 3) long ass line into the theater because we were late, 4) genuine fear of not being able to get seats together, 5) having to check our camera phones at the box office after standing in the long ass line to get into the theater - I mean, what were we going to do, take 50 bazillion photos in order to bootleg the movie?, 6) not being able to separate because a) it was crowded, b) we no longer had our phones and c) we only had one pass for the both of us - meaning one couldn't get seats while the other checked our phones and got food).

Fortunately, we stayed and had a wonderful time. The movie is great and I highly recommend people seeing it once it is formally released. Both of us had tears following during several parts of the movie, but it wasn't a downer. It was very motivating and I was surprised to see that Ron Howard had directed it at the end (we walked into the theater knowing nothing about it - in fact we were both expecting some kind of cheesy romance movie).

So check it out, even if you are not a big Russell Crowe fan - I'm not, but I definitely have more respect for his acting following this movie. Who knows, maybe knitting helps him get into character.

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The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Another one your hubbie will probably enjoy is Equilibrium. Saw it the other night (look for a DVD), and it was good.