Friday, May 20, 2005

S&B History

Our little S&B chapter started meeting regularly last summer - when we finally could manage a knit and a purl without our absolute undevided attention. Not to say that there still wasn't the occational "Oh, no!" during our evening, but at least we could have a glass of wine and chat while making progress on our current project. So, after reading about our past meetings, I'm sure you noticed that they pretty much stopped after the summer. Well, there are a couple reasons for this.

First, one of our members started law school last fall. We are proud to report that Nasus has now completed her first year of law school and has her first summer free. The other members are very excited about this and look forward to her latest project.

Second, one of our other members moved away :-( Whirlypurly decided to make a switch and join the hustle and bustle of LA. Actually, she was offered a great opportunity by our bosses to be our firm's on sight client contact for one of our larger clients in the OC. But, what sealed the deal was love. She and her boyfriend had been commuting back and forth between LA and SD for over a year. Plus, he's in the movie biness, so she could hardly see him when he was stuck working several months of 6 day weeks and massive overtime.

Given these changes, we started looking for an easy way to exchange our knitting experiences and projects. The team blog format works perfect for this, especially since none of us are web experts. This is also the reason for the S&B retreat, since it is difficult for our members to meet, a get away was needed. And as you can tell by the countdown feature newly installed - thanks again Krista! - we are all very excited about it!


The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Yay! The counter works. So exciting. And, so is the thought if a retreat where only knitting, food and drink are involved. You must go somewhere within a small drive of either a great eclectic yarn shop or a sheep or alpaca farm.

Disentangled said...

We are going to the Oaks in Ojai which is just north of LA. Since we will be picking Whirlypurly up on the way, we can always take advantage of exploring a cool yarn shop in LA. I'm sure there's one or two up there ;-)

On that note - a friend of mine at work, who doesn't knit, has friends who do. And they invited her to go to a sheep sheering. Then they were going to make their own yarn! How cool is that?

Nonnahs said...

This is great! I'm so proud of us for keeping the S&B spirit alive! And I'm really looking forward to meeting again- in person- at the retreat!