Monday, May 02, 2005

Vegas, baby!

Fluffy poncho
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I returned yesterday from a company sponsored trip to Sin City. Almost all of my co-workers were able to make it and nearly all of our expenses were covered - can't beat that one! I intended to do a bit of knitting on both plane rides and poolside at the Luxor, but ended up getting very little done. The flight there was bumpy and made nearly everyone have the "air sickness bag" within easy grasp. Saturday morning I brought my knitting down to the pool, but after a night out and very little sleep once I did get to bed, sleep seemed a lot more appealing than knitting - besides wool yarn sliding through sweaty fingers wasn't really doing it for me either. Anyway, I did finally end up casting on the stitches for a new poncho sometime on Sunday and worked a bit on it coming home - but you can't really do too much on a 1 hour plane ride. I've had this yarn for awhile now - I bought the Patons yarn because it was just soooo soft. I started making it into a poncho on its own, but it didn't quite have enough substance to stand on its own - it also started to look a bit like an old matted stuffed animal when it got smooshed up a bit. So, I added the Wool Ease in a medium gray, which seems to be bulking it up a bit. I have been told that this is a quick project, which will be badly needed once I am done with the eternal shrug.

Also, that's Jenny helping me set up my picture - she's our 7 year old mini Dachshund, who we love/spoil like a child.

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The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Awww, Jenny likes yarn. That's a dog after my own heart, you know. She's seven already? Wow, time sure does fly.