Monday, June 20, 2005

"All by myself..."

Monkey Label
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As you can tell, I am currently the only one of our "team" in town at the moment. I'm trying not to dwell on it too much and I keep thinking of my own vacation coming up in August. I am training someone at work this week, so at least that will keep me busy. Otherwise, I think I would miss my peeps desperately. Well, I already do :-(

So, to amuse myself, I decided to post a picture of this fun wine bottle label I found over the weekend. I love wine, but I will never claim to know anything about it. I like what I like, and my decision to buy a bottle generally rests on the label - sad, I know. So, when I saw this little beauty, I couldn't resist. I love primates - I find them facinating. So, what couldn't be better? - one of my favorite kinds of wine with monkeys on the label! It was actually pretty decent, not the best Cab I've ever had, but I would buy it again - especially for the price. Plus, the bottle said they contribute their profits to primate conservation. I can't make a comment on the quality of the organization that they support, but its a nice thought. Now if I could only buy a t-shirt with those jazz playing monkeys...


Nasus said...

That label is adorable! How's the training going? ;)

Disentangled said...

Training is actually going pretty good except I don't have any cases to give him - I'm already "pre-training" him on ORs. So far, though - really sharp and a quick learner.