Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket WIP 3:4
Originally uploaded by Disentangled.
Here is also a status picture of my baby blanket. Its a little hard to tell its full size, because its folded over on itself, so it would fit in the picture. You can see the repeating sections along the front.

I did finally get a little knitting done yesterday at work and a little last night. I will probably be able to finish it by this weekend if I work a little bit every night. I won’t be able to work as much as I’d like as I have to stay mostly focused on the business project I am working on for my dad. We are at a critical stage of being very close to completing our business plan, but we have a tendency to get side tracked, so focus is very important right now. It just sucks, because all I want to do is work on my own projects in my free time. It will be even more challenging because one of the other things I like to do is scrapbook and I happened to go to a Creative Memories party last night. So, needless to say, I’m all inspired to work on my scrapbook now, too! Grrr...

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Nonnahs said...

I know how you feel. It's hard to find the motivation to work on "work" stuff when you have one or more WIPs going. Especially when you are almost done. I guess I would try to be diligent about working on your business plan, but allow yourself periodical knit breaks...if you can. :)