Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Knitting Sighting - Well, Sort Of

My latest knitting sighting wasn't really a sighting, but a reading (?).

I just started a new book called, The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. So far, its about an Indian woman who came to the United States after being betrothed to a man with a job in the U.S. At the beginning of the book, she was talking about the day she first met her future husband. The woman's mother talked up her daughter's knitting skills as a selling point to the future husband. She claimed that her daughter had made the cardigan she was wearing in about two weeks. In an aside, the woman talks about how in reality it took her several months and her mom had finished the sleeves for her.

Anyway, I got a kick out of the focus knitting playing in "marketing" a daughter for marriage.

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Nonnahs said...

Ha! That is too funny! I can't imagine there was a time when one's knitting skills were actually considered by a man, at all, for any reason, let alone as a selling point as a future wife candidate. Hmm...I wonder if that still holds true...yeah...I didn't think so either... ;)