Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Rug Takes Shape

Ok, well, not really...but I did get some swatches done last night. I think making swatches is a necessary evil. They always feel like a gigantic waste of time, but still the only way to plan properly. I first tried my "yarn" with 10.5 needles, but the stitches were way too tight. I don't have 11 straight needles, so I skipped up to 13s which turned out to be perfect. The stitches are dense, but still movable. Should be perfect for a rug.

I almost started slipping the first stitch last night, but didn't. A pattern I had used in the past had mentioned that the edges of garter stitch fabric are smoother if you drop the first stitch on each row. I find it a little difficult to remember, so I decided just to knit all the stitches. Now that there is a reason to drop it (making it easier to pick up stitches for the side work later), I am more inspired! Especially, since I felt I was going to have to make up (or do some internet research) on how to pick up stitches from the side of garter stitch fabric - The SnB book only explains it using stockinette.

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