Monday, July 25, 2005

Can't win

Far be it from me to assume that if I follow directions, I will actually achieve the desired result. For once, careful attention to detail was paid to following the pattern recommendations to a tee, so as to avoid this kind of disaster. The reward? A sweater that, if it had been seen to completion, would be large enough to fit Lindsay Lohan, on a chubby day. How could this happen? Am I that deranged of a knitter that I could use the right yarn and the right sized needles according to the pattern instructions and still end up with a piece that is completely the wrong size? What the heck? Not that it matters much now. What matters is, our careful planning was all for naught. I am still in shock...and yet, I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised! :p Wonky knitters unite!

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Disentangled said...

I have decided that knitting just wouldn't be knitting if you didn't have to jack something up in order to learn how to do it. Oh well, I hope you can take comfort in the fact that I'm right there with you and that we learn the most from our mistakes - three cheers for wonky knitters!! Hip, hip, hooray!