Thursday, July 28, 2005

Desperate Times Call For Drastic Measures

The (Not-so) Happy Daisy. (heavy sigh)

Man, oh man... This little sweater will either prove to be my greatest accomplishment or the violent death of me. It's really a toss-up at this point, as to which way it will go, but thanks in large part to my ALL girls, I'm trying to remain hopeful. To say the very least, this process is truly a challenge. The biggest hurdle being the freaking gauge. For whatever reason, I seem physically incapable of knitting the correct gauge while knitting English style, and so it has come to this: I am attempting to learn how to knit Continental style in order to knit this sweater. This endeavor is proving both less and more complicated than I would have imagined. Less, in that I at least have an understanding about how knit and purl stitches work, more in that learning the mechanics of the Continental way of life is no small feat.

As I practice, I am finding myself back at square one, where I'm reminded of my earliest knitting days- the days of tensed up hands and fingers, lip biting, perspiration, and furrowed brows that accompanies the intense concentration of each wonky stitch. I am actually excited about learning to knit this way, but part of me thinks I'm completely insane to be learning on such a huge project. I'll practice some more and see how it goes. I'll be sure to let you know. Wish me luck!


The Stitchin' Sheep said...

The very bright side to what you learning is that when you ever feel like conquering fair isle, you'll set up for doing it the two-handed way. Always good to know how to knit both ways.

Nonnahs said...

Thanks for the positive reinforcement!