Friday, July 08, 2005

Fun at Work

With the approval of the higher-ups at my office, I am now the official organizer of a (hopefully) weekly knitting group that will meet on Tuesdays during lunch. Ideally once we get going the group will be self-sustaining since there are already 6 knitters in the office and a couple others that have shown interest in learning. I offered to show the newcomers the basics and give them tips about picking up their first supplies. I am really excited to help foster the knitting community at my office, since Nasus and I are really the only ones that ever bring our stuff to work on during the day. I am looking forward to seeing what others have on their needles as well as hopefully getting some newbies into the hobby (although I am a shade older than a newby myself).

In order to get it off the ground, I have resulted to using bribery. I've offered to feed everyone during the first meeting as well as offer a prize for the first person who can successfully guess the guy in our office who has already made a few sweaters. And boy, will they be surprised once they find out! Nasus will of course be ineligible for the prize since she already knows the answer ;-) The only downside is that Whirlypurly won't be able to come down from the OC each week to join us. Maybe we can turn it into an official work function that would quality for mileage reimbursement!

Anyway, wish me luck and I hope this little group will have many weekly meetings ahead of it. I will try to take some pictures during our first meeting to share with everyone.


Nonnahs said...

Fun! Who are the office knitters?

Nasus said...

Yay!! I'm looking forward to Tuesday. I told somebody in the office about the mystery male knitter but I don't remember who I told (perhaps the knitter traveling to Japan?) I guess we'll have to go by the honor system...