Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Six Feet Under, con't.

Another episode, another knitting sighting! Ruth, again, was at her LYS knitting circle, discussing her relationship with her mentally troubled husband George with the group. Even more fun- another actress in the scene was actually knitting (as opposed to pretending to knit)! Too funny.

But, the icing came a little later in the episode, where the term "wonky" was mentioned! Get out! I know! George, Ruth's husband, used the term to describe how the meds he is taking are affecting his mind.

It was such a S&B episode!


Mercedes said...

I love that show! I saw that episode. Personally, I think Ruth is crumbling to pieces. Maybe knitting is her only salvation. Gals, your site is awesome. Thanks to Jen, I am now a huge knitting fan. I've only just begun, but I couldn't put down my first assignment, the swatch. I will be checking in on ya'll often.

Nonnahs said...

Yay! Another convert!