Friday, July 29, 2005


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As requested by the Stitchin' Sheep - here's a current picture of our girl. Unfortunately her smudge didn't come out in the picture too much because of the flash - but its there. It took about 10 pictures to get one that was good - she really hates the camera. She can be fast asleep and you can sneek in with the camera already on and she will still jump up and run up at you so you can't take the picture. In fact, she pretty much hates anything electronic. She just about had a panic attack with the buzzer on the alarm clock went off instead of the radio one morning.

Also, she will be participating in the Wiener National preliminaries coming up on August 20th. We have high hopes that she will actually run this year since the race track will be on grass (her favorite) instead of sand like it has been. It's free, so everyone should come down and cheer her on - the races start at 9:00am in the parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium. If nothing else, it's a blast to see so many wiener dogs in one place at one time.

For information about other Dachshund events and organizations in San Diego, please see the following web pages:
- Dachshund Rescue
- San Diego Dachshund Club


Nasus said...

Goooo, Jenny! I'll have to come out and cheer for our favorite!

Nonnahs said...

SO cute! :) Has she been training at all?

Disentangled said...

She has been running up and down the hall, but no official training. We are apparently poor wiener national contestant owners.