Sunday, August 28, 2005

Aussie Update

Sunday, August 28th 7:04 pm

Our second day here, we made a trip across the river via river fairy and into the city to visit an indoor/outdoor mall. The purpose of the trip wasn’t really because we love malls, but mainly to see if we could pick up some slightly warmer outerwear. But it was fun to see the shops and the people at the mall. There weren’t as many of the U.S. chain shops as I thought there would be. Also, I realized as we were looking around that we had come at an interesting time. In Australia, they are getting ready to start the spring season, so they are discounting their winter clothes - pretty cool for a couple people from San Diego who are getting ready to start the fall season. I was able to pick up a sweater for A$29.

But the find of the day was at their local Michaels-like craft shop. Guess what? It was the super yarn sale! I was able to pick up a ton of this really cool 100% wool fleece yarn (that was super soft) for about A$41 – or approximately $30! Each ball was A$1.50. After the mall we caught a bus back across the river into the West End and stopped at a coffee shop called the Three Monkeys. I had a hot malt which was really good and we got some cheesecake and an unbelievably good shortbread.

Today we took a day trip up to Mount Nebo and walked through the rainforest. The walk was really neat because you started with a typical eucalyptus forest. Then as we walked, the climate literally changed to the point that the forest became a rainforest. There was also a little sanctuary were we had a chance to see the animals from the area including a wombat, wallabies, kangaroos, a platypus, turtles and tons of birds. Then we finished out our excursion at a little cafĂ© that had great scones and – get this – handmade yarn! They didn’t have a ton to pick from, but I was able to pick up a ball that was hand made from local spinners.

Things we realized about Australia:

Drug Stores are called Chemists

They like to add “o”s and “ie”s to words (as in car registration = rego and beer can = tinnie)

Collision centers are called Smash Repairs

Iced Coffee is like a coffee float with ice cream

Hamburgers are served with beats, egg and ham.


Nasus said...

I totally forgot about those beets! Your trip to the rainforest sounded really cool, and what a deal on that yarn. The Three Monkeys - ha! It must've instantly beckoned you. What's a hot malt, by the way? And yes, I can't help myself, but the river "fairy" ride sounds extremely magical... :)

Knittersmom said...

We're jealous! Glad you're having a good time. Love you guys

Nonnahs said...

I love all the things you are realizing about Australia that you are able to share with us. The rainforest sounds incredible!