Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Baby Got Re-Back

I am pleased to announce the completion of my Starry Night re-back. The second one wasn't nearly as painful as the first and I was able to make sure I didn't lose count of by BOs this time around. Its pretty (except for the knot dimple), but more importantly itÂ’s the right size - Yippy!

I decided not to post a picture, because why? That's right, you already know what it looks like.
On Sunday I CO for the sash. I toyed around with making my re-sleeve first, but I really needed a break from all that blue - this is particularly true for me because I tend to get bored with solid colors quite easily. I also made another beginner mistake - am I ever going to stop making these? - which was even stupider because I already knew about it! So, can you guess? That's right, I let my stitches twist when I joined my CO stitches into the round. I always knew about being careful not to let them twist, but it hadn't occurred to my why. I thought it was so that you didn't knit into them twisted, which I had always thought - duh. But now I can share with you the true reason for this caution. As I was 2/3 around my first row, I realized I had closed the circle with the twist in it! So, I had to undo, untwist and make sure I didn't do it again - and given the number of stitches on the needles, this was actually fairly tricky and for a minute or two, I thought I had done it again!

I have actually had a lot of fun with the sash (Yes, I know I'm not completely right in the head). I get in a rhythm and have a hard time stopping myself. So last night, I knitted straight through Sling Blade and I am already at 2 inches! I found switching colors a bitawkwardd, but it looks cool. I have also realized that I am going to make another pattern modification. It says to make the second stripe then BO with the main sash color. This means that after you seam, your top stripe ispracticallyy next to the main sweater color, instead of being within the sash - you can see what I mean by looking at the pattern photo. So, I think I will make my stripe, then make one more row in my sash color before I BO. We'll see...


Nonnahs said...

Congrats! I don't have the strength to go back there yet. I think I might do the sash next too. Kermit green, while a lovely and fun color, is growing a bit old on me by this point. I will keep in mind your notes when knit to join the many CO sts.

Nasus said...

I'll have to get some assistance on the sash...three more days until Ojai!