Sunday, August 28, 2005

Oklahoma T-shirt

Oklahoma T-shirt
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I would have bought this t-shirt if it hadn't been a A$45 t-shirt. But how funny is this? We saw this at the surf shop in the downtown mall in Brisbane. Where exactly do they think Oklahoma is?


Mercedes said...

Being from the state of Oklahoma, I desperately want it. It looks more like California. I love it, it represents me totally. I'm an OKie, but my heart belongs to sunny CAlie. I'm so sure, OK, doesn't have a single palm tree. Maybe a tornado swept it in next to a river. So funny!

Nasus said...


Nonnahs said...

That's awesome! But, a wee bit of false advertising. I wonder if a lot of Aussies book a vacation to OK, thinking it will be like home? Ha!