Tuesday, August 09, 2005

S&K Update

Y&A at S&K
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Here's a picture from today's Sit & Knit. We had sort of a stragglers meeting today, but it was still fun. D and I started the meeting and then our newest members, Y & A, joined a bit later. Y learned to knit about 2 weeks ago and she has created the most beautiful striped scarf. I believe she used the same yarn (or at least close to it) that Whirlypurly used in her capelet. What was so cool about her scarf is that the varigated colors made perfect stripes across the width of the scarf. She's made a lot of progress in a very short amount of time! A also showed off her scarf today. This is the one that her mom helped her get going last week and it is coming out really cute. Its an eyelashy yarn in black, grays and white. It was great to see them at today's meeting and I really hope that we can keep it going!

P.S. Nasus we missed you :-( It just wasn't the same.


Nasus said...

So A was the mystery knitter...it's great that those girls are knitting with you! And yes, bummed that I couldn't make it :(

Nonnahs said...

So, some of us leave, some join...that's good. :)

And yes, that yarn looks very Mai Tai-esque! I have a lot of that yarn leftover, BTW, if either of you want to try making something out of it.

Mercedes said...

Yea! I'm so excited that you have new members. I love Y's scarf. I finished my most recent scarf with the extra bling bling. I'll post a photo soon. Keep knitting! I miss ya'll.