Monday, August 01, 2005

That which does not kill us makes us stronger

I had been reciting that quote in my mind all weekend, as I struggled to get some progress done - any progress at all- on Happy Daisy, Take Two. I also tried to remind myself to see the positive in this whole mess of a situation, as my mom would want me to, so to that end I talked myself into believeing that for whatever reason, I am meant to go through this craziness and frustration in order to learn from my mistakes.

That said, gauge, I've decided, is no friend of mine. Of course we discovered that last week. But, it continues to taunt and tease me. It is my nemesis. After experimenting with several needle sizes and trying to knit Continental with various amounts of tension (as much as I could control it), I have decided on the following: I will be knitting this with size 6 needles, according to the instructions for the medium size, which knitted by me becomes the measurements of the small size. I don't know, don't ask. I am through asking questions- I'm tired. I just want it to work out- by any means necessary. And my convoluted plan seems to be working out so far (knock on wood) so I am going with it. I am now about 5 or 6 inches into one of the front panels.

PS: I am happy and rather proud to report that I have gotten the hang of Continental knitting and I believe I am now a convert.


Disentangled said...

Your Continental Adventures have intrigued me. Plus I have seen quite a few Continentals lately and it is really cool to watch - I think I am interested it giving it a go - especially if it makes purling easier!

Nonnahs said...

It will be fun to compare notes and styles, if you will, at the retreat. :)

Nasus said...

Welcome to the dark side! :)

Anonymous said...

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