Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Communal Sweat

And I thought my first yoga class was tough! It seems as though the yoga gods may have put that in my path to prepare me for my next class! OMG! My yoga advisor (yes, that's right- they are hardcore at this studio- every new member is assigned a yoga advisor. I think it's really helpful, actually) recommended a few classes/instructors to me, so I went to check out one on Friday. I had no idea what I was in for!

You know it's a bad sign when the class before yours (taught by the same instructor) let out and one by one people emerged, drenched in sweat. I couldn't help but stare, somewhat dumbfounded, as they looked like they had just run a full marathon. Being that I never intend to run a marathon, unlike my good friend Nasus, I started to worry that I am making a huge mistake by taking this class. Just then I started to feel a wave of heavy, hot air waft out of the studio. Are you kidding me? This is going to be a mistake of gargantuan proportions, I thought. Can I leave now? I couldn't. Not when I had been waiting with at least 20 other people for the past 10 minutes. Too late to chicken out now. Dangit! So after the last person left, my fellow classmates and I poured into the largest yoga studio I've ever seen. I tried to make a B-line for the side of the room with the windows, but no such luck. Next goal- to stake a space near the other wall. Better to be along a wall, as opposed to being surrounded by bodies, and close to the door in case I needed to leave the room suddenly to pass out in privacy. (I always try to think ahead.)

Well, I didn't pass out, but I did sweat more in that 1 1/2 hour session than I had in any other 1 1/2 hour block of time in my life. The sweat was literally dripping from my body. And from everyone else's, might I add. I couldn't decide if it was the grossest thing ever or really cool. I think I'm trying to focus on the latter aspect. Easy to say once the class is over and you are able to walk outside to breath some fresh air and dry off!

So, my second yoga class was grueling, but I felt really good to have completed such a challenging class - and with minimal flailing this time! Although I was in pain for the second weekend in a row, I was nonetheless left with feeling a great sense of accomplishment. I guess all I can hope for is that, with time and practice, the flailing will subside and the poses will flow with more grace. Namaste.


Nasus said...

Ha! I love your story-telling. So where do you feel the most pain? My very inflexible hips are my big problem. My class today wasn't as strenuous as yours, but I was profusely sweating during my one-hour session - and the only one, I must add (no surprise). I can't do most of the advanced poses that my instructor teaches, but I'll have to show you the one I at least attempted when I see you this week.

Nonnahs said...

Ha! You should come up to LA one Friday and go to my class with me (hey, that would be really fun)! You would definitely not be the only one profusely sweating in that class! I get the most sore through my shoulders. Although I was pretty much sore all over for two straight days, so it was kind of hard to tell... ;)