Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Last Weekend

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The last several days have been so hectic, I haven't even had time talk about my fun weekend of knitting last weekend…and it's almost the weekend again! Not that I'm complaining, but it just goes to show what a crazy busy week it's been. I'm not sure I even know where to begin at this point, but I guess I'll start with last week Thursday night, since my weekends pretty much start on Thursday nights anyway…

So last week Thursday night, I had the pleasure of S&B-ing with my friend Julia . I was late (thank you, evening commute and LA traffic!), but all was well when I finally arrived. I found Julia amidst "Hawaii Night" at S&B, and she introduced me to Marnie and some of the other knitters. It was my first "official" S&B session (outside the "San Diego Chapter" meetings), but it will not be my last. It was fun to be amongst so many knitters, and interesting to see what everyone was working on. Mostly it was fun to meet up with Julia and hang out with her and Marnie. Meeting new friends is always fun! Plus, those girls are not only fun, but so talented- they definitely serve as inspirations to a relatively novice knitter and wannabe designer* like myself!

Dis visited LA last weekend, which was perfect, because I was able to take her with me to my favorite little LYS on Saturday. I had sort of envisioned us popping in for a quick visit...little did I know how much fun they have over there! As soon as we arrived, we plopped ourselves down, started knitting, and ended up being planted there for 4 hours! It was the most fun! Knitters would come and go, some would leave and then come back, one gal brought her adorable baby (and then got to knit while other women played with him). We learned, knitted, laughed a lot, pigged out on Mexican food for lunch and homemade granola and chocolates provided by other customers, and generally had a grand old time! I definitely plan to make frequent visits to hang out there more often. Those gals are a blast! I only wish Dis and Nasus lived close by so that they could join in the fun with me! Oh! I can't leave out the funniest part- the shop was being photographed that day for an upcoming book that the LYS will be coming out with, so Dis and I may be famous when it's published next year! Ha!

The gist is that I had the best time last weekend! Not only was I able to spend time with good friends, I was also able to make some new friends, and thanks to Julia, I was even finally able to take that first scary step into the wonderful world of sock knitting! I picked up some great Koigu, and with the littlest DPNs I have ever worked with (I feel like I am knitting with skewers), I am now working away on the ribbing of the leg of my first ever sock! (Well, okay- I started it, but with the craziness of the week, I haven't had as much time to devote to it as I would like. Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to work on it. Anyway, talk about a fun and productive knitting weekend! Yay! And double yay- it's Thursday again...and not too soon! :)

* My design skills, if you can call it that, have been strictly by neccesity thus far, but I do hope to design *on purpose* at some point!


Julia said...

You didn't tell me that you wanted to design! It takes a lot of work (and I forget *how much* every time, but if you start with the small stuff and study what other people do, you'll get the hang of it! I had two beginner students last year in DC who have branched out into designing already.

Nonnahs said...

Thanks for the encouragement!! :)

Yeah well, I didn't start out intending on designing, but I'm finding that the more I knit and the more I learn, the more ideas spring into my mind. I think it's just part of the natural progression of things for me. Like I said, my knitted "designs" so far have mostly been impromptu tweaking of garments that otherwise would not fit or hang right, so I can't claim any grand accomplishment yet. But I definitely envision designing in my future.