Thursday, October 27, 2005

baby stuff

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Teeny tiny clothing and accessories are just always cute. And, I've recently discovered, fun and gratifying to knit! If you'll recall, I made the Umbilical Cord Hat from the S&B book as a baby gift for a friend who is expecting her third baby. Then just last weekend I was inspired to make a pair of *matching* booties out of the same ultra soft Blue Sky Organic Cotton yarn. I found a very simple pattern, and was able to whip these puppies out in no time. I'm usually such a slow knitter- it's great fun to be able to complete a project in a couple of days- talk about instant gratification! I'm plotting my next baby gift as we speak!


Julia said...

Those are so frickin cute I can barely stand it. By the way, although I was not aware of it, apparently I now teach on Wednesday nights as well as Tuesdays, so you'll probably be hanging out with Suzan, but she knows socks, too, so you'll be in good hands. We can also catch up on anything that you need to over dinner. xox,

Nonnahs said...

Thanks!! And J- how did I know that somehow you would be wrangled into teaching Weds nights too? ;)

Nasus said...

That just inspired me to knit for my boss (she just gave birth to twins yesterday on my bday). Hmmm...when can I make time?