Monday, October 31, 2005


Jenny Says:
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I finally started…and this is the result. Believe it or not, this is the pile of papers that I can recycle which had previously taken up residence in my file boxes. It felt like I had cleaned them out not all that long ago, but it was close to two years. My rule is that if a statement is older than three years (and nothing weird is going on with it that would require me to save the documentation - for instance when someone hacked my PCS account and ordered $900 in phones) it goes. I also needed to do this out of necessary - my first clue that it had probably been much longer than I thought since my last big clean out - I have 6+ months worth of statements and papers that had no room in my file drawer. I couldn't move older docs to my storage file box, because that was full too. So, I had been in denial for several months knowing that the task ahead of me would probably take at least a week to finish and would have to be completed in stages. I bought a new desk earlier in the month thinking that if I could finally get my work space organized, I would feel compelled to start my file project. But, when we moved things around for my desk, we straightened the piles and all of a sudden my piles of stuff to be filed didn't look all that bad anymore. Fortunately, inspiration finally came my way on Sunday morning. And I went from box to box to drawer to drawer until I had all the old crapola pulled and in a huge pile on my office floor. The best part is that my pile is taller than Jenny! So, tonight will be stage two - filing the 6+ months of docs…then it will be on to balancing 3 months of check statements (after entering 3 months worth of receipts into Quicken). Yay.

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