Thursday, October 20, 2005

Movie Madness

I think my postman has been stealing my Netflix movies and watching them. Why in a million years would you think that? - you might ask. Well, generally I have a 1 day turn around for my movies (I drop one in the mail, it gets there the next day, they mail out a new one that same day). In the past, every so often it would take a movie like 4 days to get to Santa Ana from San Diego, which is insane. This usually happened to movies I would drop in the mail on Friday (I use the mailbox at my office building and always put them in first thing in the morning so I don't miss the mail pick up). Which should get there on Saturday and maybe at the worst Monday. But, no. They wouldn't get there until Tuesday or Wednesday. So, I thought - well it can't run super smoothly all the time, no big deal.

Well, in the last couple weeks, all of my returned DVDs are taking about that long. I dropped two in the mail on Monday and Netflix still hasn't received them. Once they get them they are sending them out just as quickly as normal and the mail coming to my house is just like normal, so what the heck? This has prompted my latest hypothesis (and I have lots of hypothesis about a lot of totally random things - good way to spend my time, don’t you think?): that our mailman at the office used to periodically take one of the movies that I am returning (since its obvious what is in the envelope) to watch over the weekend. He/she then seals it back up and puts it back in the mail on Monday. This was working all well and good - not regularly enough to make me notice - until we started renting Six Feet Under. I think the mailman is as addicted to the shows as we are and can't help but take all the disks being returned, even if they are in the middle of the week. This is a testament to the quality of a show as it is obvious that he/she is willing to risk federal prosecution. I would just love to catch them in the act. I thought about writing a note on the outside of one of the envelopes ("STOP WATCHING MY MOVIES"), but then I wouldn't want all my DVDs to "mysteriously" disappear. So, for now we are going to start taking them directly to the post office to see if the delivery times change (proving my theory correct - well, at least not discrediting it).


Mouse said...

You're not the only one getting screwed by Netflix, others I've talked to in different states have said that the 'rollover time' between movies is crap now.. it _might_not be your mail carrier.. When I originally signed up for NetFlix and was in my "free trial period" my movies came to me and went back to the company within 1 day. As soon as the switch happened and I was paying for my movies it took 3+ days for them to register as returned, or to send another one out. I'm about to cancel them myself because I'm sick of waiting for movies..

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

What, and, make your devoted civil servant miss some episodes? You are a cruel person.

Anonymous said...

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