Monday, October 03, 2005

My New Favorite Product

I am in the process of transitioning most of my daily use items to organic products. For the most part it's been super easy. There are so many nice products that usually work just as good or better than the name brand normal stuff. But I had run into a problem with deodorant. I hadn't been able to find anything that worked for me. This may be a little TMI, but I am someone who needs the antiperspirant component to my deodorant. I have been wanted to get rid of the aluminum issue for a long time, but nothing would work. So, I had long since given up on that fight figuring that I would just have to hope that it wasn't really as bad as everyone said.

Well on our vacation in Australia, I visited a store that they have here in the States (and all over the world), but I had never been to before called Lush. They sell fresh and organic bath and body products. The store smells wonderful I could hang out there for hours. It's on the expensive side, but most of the products they sell really last a long time. Anyway, while I was looking around the store a super helpful salesguy showed me how some of their stuff worked. One of the things he showed me was this deodorant called Aromaco. It is amazing! It works better than even the antiperspirant deodorant at controlling "natural" smells. It does dry out a bit, so fortunately I read some of the customer feedback from the website and realized why it was so hard and hurt when I tried to put it on. I cut the outside layers off, keep it in an airtight container and now it just worked peachy! What's also cool is that it doesn't leave any white residue or anything that can get all over my dark colored shirts. It does smell like patchouli so if you don't like that scent, don't buy it - but otherwise, this is the best thing I've ever used.


Mouse said...

I know lots of "Lushies" from different perfume/product forums I'm on but I've never tried any of their stuff. The bad thing about Lush is that unless you live close to a store, the shipping is as much as your order. I love the smell of Patchouli and I usually hate the smells of most deoderants (too powdery/girly) not to mention the aluminum content. Nice to know there's a aluminum free out there that actually works.. I had given up.

Nonnahs said...

Lush is great! They have a lot of really fun products- and of course you know I love the natural stuff.