Monday, November 21, 2005

Friends, Harry Potter, and Turkey

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Busy weekend, with very little knitting, I'm afraid. *sigh* Saturday was fun, albeit exhausting. I drove down to SD for a dear friend's baby shower. One never knows what to expect on the ol' 405/5, so I left with more than enough time to meet up with Dis for coffee before heading off to the shower. It was a beautiful, sunny morning, and after a warm cup of coffee and a corn muffin in the tummy, we were both ready for a nap…but we headed off to the shower instead…we couldn't wait to see our friend, D. In classic "loopy" fashion, we got lost on the way there, but managed to arrive fashionably late without too much of a commotion. D looked absolutely beautiful and happy, and petite as ever, with the exception of the cutest bump in front. :) The shower was lovely, and in addition, turned out to be a bit of a learning experience. I don't think Dis will mind me telling you that we both failed miserably at the shower games. (Note to self: prior to the next baby shower, brush up on your nursery rhymes and baby-related terminology and accoutrements, and how much these things cost). The best part was seeing D again, since it had been way too long since I had seen her last. She had fun at her shower, and received a lot of great gifts- including knitted items from both Dis and I and her mom…This woman knitted the cutest hats and sweaters…Dis and I couldn't help but inspect them with awe. "Someday," I thought, "Someday!" I knitted a little hat and bootie ensemble out of yummy Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton. I just love this stuff for babies! I wish I could have stayed in SD longer, but I had to head back Saturday afternoon, to make it back to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with B and a couple of friends on Saturday night. Well, wouldn't you know it, traffic going back sucked ass! I had déjà vu driving through the OC, as I encountered traffic reminiscent of my usual workweek commute! I barely made it back in time to meet B and friends at the theater. Thankfully, B smuggled in some leftover dinner for me to eat on thelnot-so-DL in the theater. The movie was fun, of course, even though it felt like it dragged in parts. It may have been my fault though, since I was really tired by this point.

Sunday was spent cooking. Since we won't be able to have Thanksgiving with my sister and BIL, I decided that I would have them over for an early Thanksgiving dinner, yesterday. I LOVE Thanksgiving dinner food, and I may be one of the few people in the country that actually enjoys cooking it. Only drawback- it was the hottest day yesterday! And, of course, it didn't help that I had the oven on all the day, and B was doing laundry. Oh well. It was worth it. The turkey (which is always the most nerve-wrecking part) turned out great, and I also made homemade stuffing and cranberries. My sis LA made yummy mashed potatoes and Rex even baked a pumpkin pie! It was all delish! Now we have lots of leftovers (even after the doggie bags were packed) - yay- and the best part…we get to have more of this yumminess on Thursday! I love Thanksgiving…mmm...

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