Monday, November 21, 2005

Kin-cho Okinawa Reunion

I'm still waiting for pics from my cousin of this weekend - my family and I went to a reunion in downtown Vegas (Fremont Hotel) with 200+ attendees, all from the former village, now city, of Kin in Okinawa. Folks living in CA, Hawaii, Vegas and Canada attended, and we were able to see some Okinawan dances and a Hawaiian hula, and listen to my sister sing (yay!) as my three-year old cousin joined her and danced on stage. One woman started chanting the Torah in Yiddish (yeah, not related to the reason for the event, but interesting nevertheless) and the emcee told a nice story about being classmates with Don Ho. Apparently, the Okinawan organization is one of the strongest cultural/social groups with political clout in Hawaii? (according to the former governor of Hawaii who attended that night.) It was a nice experience, getting back to my roots.

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Disentangled said...

How fun! I didn't realize it was such a reunion. Glad you had a good time.