Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I can't take this rock star lifestyle

Parties, parties! And San Diego parties, to boot! San Diego Party o' the Week #1 (SDPW1) was on Sunday night in La Jolla . Lots of fun. The damage: B and I got home by 12:30am, I got roughly 5 hours of sleep. Last night: SDPW2, a birthday party for B's friend and former roommate (who actually does live the rock star lifestyle, literally). The damage: Got home at 1:30am, racked up a whole 3 hours of sleep. It was well worth it, don't get me wrong, the party was a lot of fun. It was a private party at Jbar, which is located on a rooftop pool deck of the Hotel Solamar in the Gaslamp. It was very (just watched Heathers last weekend, sorry)...not to mention, very cold. I had never been there before. I would recommend it though, as a fun place to have a cocktail, especially during the summertime, since being on a rooftop in December when it's in the 40-degrees range is not super comfortable, even amidst heat lamps and fire pits. The best part was seeing B and his old crew get together and reminisce about old times and all the wacky stunts they pulled as kids. It was cute. Some of those guys hadn't seen each other in years. And I was happy to finally be able to meet the characters I have been hearing stories about for 2 years. It was a good time. :) Now, however, I feel like this:
And to add to the madness, last night we were invited to SDPW3 on Saturday night in Carlsbad. I'm sorry, which city do I live in again? I forget...

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