Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Favorite Knitting Spot

My Favorite Knitting Spot
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I decided to post my response to the knitting meme that I have seen going around recently. Especially since I don't really have any new knitting to show.

This is my favorite knitting spot. I usually park myself here because with the lamp on, it has the best light in the living room. We have one of those places where there aren't any lights except whatever lamps you may have plugged in, so it is usually very dark. I usually put my "Nej" knitting bag on the floor but within close reach and I balance the pattern on the arm rest of the couch. Jenny is also usually on my lap with my/her favorite blanket over her - the one with the pink kitties.

I also chose to include the mess that is my coffee table, since it really serves as a knitting "staging area". I have three other WIPs on the table at the momment, including my WGS (and its multitude of yarn balls), the Bulky Cabled Cardie, and my lace scarf (although it is sufficiently burried to not even show up in the picture). I also have handy my SnB and Vogue Knitting for quick reference as well as my Denise Needle case and my straight needle case. I've tried to keep these things in a basket-type thing (really a firewood box) to keep the coffee table clear, but it just never works out. Everything still ends up in a pile on the coffee table.

This picture also gives you a clear contrast of the ratio of my-stuff-to-B's-stuff. See the little green book on the left - yup, that's his.

I also realized that I left off a key part of my knitting space, the music. Although you can't hear it, you can at least see the CD case to the left and when I don't feel like music, there are the DVDs. So, there is always plenty to keep me entertained - a key point, since we don't have cable and our rabbit ears only pick up NBC, PBS and the WB.

I wanted to use Blogger to upload the picture so it would be super easy to load a larger version, but it completely ignored me when I clicked on the photo upload tool. So, you may have to click on the picture to actually read any of my little notes.

P.S. look at me with the PhotoShop. ;-)


Nasus said...

Ha! I just love how Jenny is part of that picture!

Nonnahs said...

That's so great! And fabulous photoshop work, btw! :)