Friday, January 20, 2006

Ah, she's a tinker...

No, this isn't a comment about how smart I am or that I am using my brain a lot. Because apparently knitting lace has caused some strange disorder in which my eyes, my brain and my fingers operate independently of each other. It would be more fun if it wasn't causing me to reknit the same *%&^ing thing over and over. I decided when I got the yarn for my Madison scarf that I was going to make the seaman's version. I thought it might show off the lace work a little better, it was one less ball of yarn and I didn't really have anything like it.

I had a few struggles at the beginning and realized that somehow it is impossible for me to work lace in the breakroom at the office while talking, yet while talking at the Knit Salon I was able to finish close to 15 repeats without one mistake. This project went on hold shortly after starting the ribbed center section, but as a true Olympic athlete I figured I would take it back out as part of lace training. So, now that I am back on the lace section, my brain has gotten all stupid on me again. I swear I was following stitch by stitch because I had already tinked the same row twice, and I still jacked it up! Plus, I've had to rip it back to the ribbing at least two other times. What the heck? All I know is that the Olympics will be very, very interesting.

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Chris said...

I'm not sure that "interesting" will be the best way to describe it... I think that rubbernecking will be all the rage.

Maybe I'll peruse the stash again for Eris, with that strong recommendation! :)