Saturday, January 07, 2006

Home Alone

Well, that's not entirely true. But it will be just us girls for the rest of the week. B headed off to Louisville this morning for a big pool tournament. He is playing One Pocket which is a highly strategic game and really difficult to watch. Half the time I can't tell if the players messed up or made a good shot. I just watch and wait for B's reaction.

So today I'm kind of hanging out. I will be going up to drop my car off with my dad for next week. We are trying to figure out what the grinding screeching sound is coming from my breaks...the one that the dealers say isn't there. I'm also going to check out the Nest today. A little birdie told me that she was closing up shop, so I thought I'd go look at the place before she is all gone...and maybe pick up something on sale, too. I feel bad. But this is yarn we are talking about. Any chance to look at sale yarn should be taken. I'm just sorry that someone's dream of a little business is going away because of a rent increase. It just stinks.


Chris said...

Bummer about the little yarn store. Good luck getting the mysterious noise figured out! Hate mysterious car noises. Grr.

knitzalot said...

I'm both happy and feeling guilty about my purchase. It's hiding from my husband in the trunk of my car ;). But I'm going to post a photo of the sweater I'm going to make tomorrow, if you're interested. I'm glad I ran into you, too!