Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Case of the Blahs

What a blah day. Scratch that. What a blah week. I feel like I have so much in my head, that I can't focus on anything. And you might think that going a mile a minute would energize me. But, you would be wrong. I'm so tired- literally- sleepy, and physically sluggish. I attribute this to a few factors:

1. I haven't knit in over a week. Say what? That's right. Since finishing the baby set for the shower, I haven't had time to knit at all- what with packing and shower invitations to do (more on those later). Is it me, or does anyone else suffer from knitting withdrawals? Or, do you never let it reach that point? ;)

2. Packing and moving stress. Logically, I can look around the apartment and know that we have at least 85-90% of the apartment packed up. But you know it's the last 10-15% that is a killer! Right now it's everything in plain view (not yet in a box) that I'm finding very annoying. It also makes it look like there's still crap everywhere (because it's just sitting out there), and causes me to make a mental note that there are still things left to be packed. And I've moved enough in my adult life to know that it's those last minute items that you think will fit in the last box or shopping bag, that you can just carry out with you on your way out, that ends up taking up 3 boxes- and that's not including the last few items that you just throw in the dumpster because it's easier to dump than pack and move!

3. My body is (not a "wonderland" but rather) a nightmare. I've been a bad girl over the last few months when it comes to eating well and working out. My poor body. It hates me for not taking care of it and I hate it right back. I've been trying to get back on a routine (I was being so good for a while there), but it's so hard, when you're extra busy, to remember the importance of consistency when it comes to things like this. An excuse, I know, but what can I do?

"Change it," you say! Indeed! I am turning it around, starting now! I feel like crap, but I will make it better! I plan to check out a "lunchtime yoga" class at a studio near my work today at lunch. I really miss my Friday yoga classes, but I just haven't been able to make it there with all that's been going on lately. Hopefully this will help. And to add to the potential upswing of the day, I just received a delivery from our friends at Amazon, containing this book! Yay! If I can't knit today, I can at least look at knitting. :)

Anyway, sorry about the whiny, photo-less post. I just had to purge some of the blahness, I hope you don't mind too much. I promise to more cheery soon!

And speaking of cheery, I want to send some cheery thoughts to my peeps back home in Hawaii, who have been experiencing terrible rainstorms for over a month. Hang in there!


amanda cathleen said...

eewwww packing and moving! Hope you can squeeze some knitting time in there somewhere ; )

Chris said...

Soon all the moving craziness will be over, right? Just a few more days...

Shelley said...

I was wondering if you were getting any knitting done - but I supposed not since moving is imminent. Sorry the yogo class wasn't so good but at least you did something. And the end is in sight. Happy moving!!