Sunday, March 12, 2006

sock in circular [sic]

I'm so excited about starting my [sic] aka "man sock!" My only complaint is that I should've bought a pair of needles with a 16" cable (instead of the 29", which is a bit too long.) I also just borrowed Debbie Bliss' "Baby Knits for Beginners" from the library. There's a cute shawl-collared sweater I want to try. I love spring break!! (now, back to my studies...)


Chris said...

If it helps, 16 inch needles are a little short and pesky for that reason. :)

Nonnahs said...

Yay for you on starting your first sock! How are you liking working with the 2 circulars? I can't wait to see how it looks in person!

Disentangled said...

Yay Man Sock! I also want a full report on your Socks that Rock. I think I am as excited to try out that yarn as I am trying out [sic].