Friday, March 10, 2006

Space Bags

Since I started knitting my house has undergone a tranformation from the average house with its normal human clutter found laying about (mail, bills, magazines, dirty clothes, shoes, etc.), to yarn. My house is covered in yarn. There is not a room in my house without some semblance of yarn clutter somewhere. Now, I know who I am talking to and it is certainly not abnormal in our "circle" for there to be yarn clutter. However, a few years ago and never would have guessed. I have always been a crafty person and have generally shifted from one hobby to the next. But, I never did vernture into yarn. I would see the walls of yarn, but never understood what would possess anyone to want to play with it. Now I am a hopeless convert. So, much so that I have had to resort to storing my yarn in Space Bags (more to keep them moth free that to shrink the bejeezus out of them) and I haven't had the nerve to tell my husband that there are 2 bags of Blue Sky Cotton, enough Knit Picks Sierra to make Starsky, and a really cool ball of bumble bee yarn (Spring Buzz) from Insubordiknit all on its way to our yarn covered living room as we speak. Do you want to tell him? I'm taking volunteers.

This is also following the recent additions from this amazing package that arrived from the UK yesterday from my Secret Pal. I have to say, she has really outdone herself. She has once again literally stuffed a box full of yarn for me! Thank you Secret Pal!!! She sent me the matching sister of the red hand dyed yarn she sent last time (I put both in the picture) as well as six matching siblings of the Jaegar Matchmaker merino in a lemon yellow. This merino will be great because I happen to have a niece/nephew pea in the pod as we speak and since it's washable, I have a feeling it will be turned into a little baby something here pretty soon.

She also included 8 balls of Korall merino in a beautiful olive green (631). I'll have to check the gauge, but I think this might be the perfect yarn to make Interweave's Cable 8 sweater that has been on the to-do list forever. And to top it off, she sent me two hanks of Rowanspun dk - yum! One is in a pretty lavender (746) and the other is a fun tomato red (731). Then to feed my carb-deprived self (B is in the first phase of the South Beach Diet and although I'm not on it, I am trying to be as supportive as I can and eat what he eats for our meals), she included a box of Lindt Lindor truffles and orange spice tea...which have already been sampled. The fun thing is that the truffles taste just like TimTams without the cookie. And if you have never had a TimTam, all I can say is that you are missing out.

And using TimTams as a segue, look what I got in the mail recently! TimTams all the way from Oz! Our friend Dr. Nyl (who we stayed with in Australia) sent us a care package. I had a feeling there was going to be a package of TimTams, but when I saw two, I started to hyperventilate. She also sent a huge bag of my new favorite tea - Stockholm Blend - that is only sold in Australia and some hand cream that is so Australian, it makes me smile everytime I smell it - it has wattleseed in it!

Then if that wasn't enough, she included some Australian Alpaca that is to die for (I might have to bring one of these balls to the office for relaxation purposes - petting it makes me happy) and a really cool hank of Touch Exclusive kid merino and merino as well as a pattern for an afghan (which happens to be very similar to the one I was admiring at her place). Touch is from New Zealand and I had picked up a lace weight hand painted yarn of theirs when I was on vacation. Thanks again Nyl!!

So, given all this you may assume that I would be skipping the sale at the Grove that starts tomorrow. Yeah, right.


Nasus said...

Wow, it's like your birthday and Christmas combined!

I'm sure you heard about the recent NPR clip about blogging in China (and how the govt censors content and will enforce removal of blogs without notice.) News such as this reminds me that it's great to be an American...

Jennifer said...

What incredible gifts! Lovely stuff. I'll have to pass on the offer to tell your husband about your yarn arrivals. I'm busy praying that my own husband isn't home when mine shows up.

Mouse said...

I'm lucky that my husband works all day and is never home when yarn arrives. When I go to the yarn shop.. I come home, rip the price tag off of whatever I got, and shove it into my stash like it was always there.

My house is overrun by yarn too.. its everywhere.

Chris said...

Wow! What fabulous mail you've been getting - how fun! Heh, there's a bonus to living alone - no one to sneak yarn past. :)

Melissa said...

I think you have the coolest SP ever!