Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Snowboarding is something that I never really thought I would do. And deep down, I never thought I would really like it. I'll try just about anything because I figure one of these days I will find that "thing" that I'm really good at - You'll never find out if your the world's best anything unless you give it a try. I also had received lots of consulations about my first time out on the 'ol board. Most people were like - Really? Your first time? It's not going to be fun. You're going to fall and you are going to hurt.

So I wasn't expecting much. I figured I'd stumble through a class and probably spend the rest of the afternoon knitting in front of the fire at the condo. So, imagine my surprise when I found out how much fun it was! By all accounts that I've heard about first times, mine was more than I could have ever expected. We actually made the beginner run twice after our class in the "School Yard" and we would have gone again if it hadn't been for those little voices in our knees and ankles and quads telling us absolutely not. I am in no way an athletic person, so I've been trying to figure out why my experience was so great and I think I have it figured out - the snow.

A lot of the people in San Diego who learn to snowboard head up to Big Bear where most of the snow is man made and usually very icy and hard. All I know if that if I had fallen on ice as many times as I did in the powder, I'm pretty sure I would be telling you a different story right now. I will tell any first-timer that I meet from here on out to make the trip to Mammoth or some other good snow spot for your first time. It is worth it!! I can't wait to go back and I am already itching for the next time. In fact, I already have my board and boots! My friend had the equipment I used and said that if it worked for me and I liked it I could have it at a steal of a deal. So I took him up on the offer. I will only have to go one more time to get my moneys worth! Some people think that it is too expensivc to go to the nicer places, but if you go with friends it really isn't all that expensive and my beginning lift ticket and class was less than the normal price of a day lift ticket.

So to prove that I was actually on my feet at some point during the day I have this for you:

Nonnahs and Nasus also did absolutely fabulous in the snow and have this great picture as evidence.

(We realized that it is really handy to have skiiers with you when you are in a flat spot on a snowboard.)

And finally, I included the last picture of Nasus, not only because it is a really cute picture of her, but because you can see the amazing view of the valley behind her.

Mammoth really was a winter wonderland. The snow was like nothing else I had ever seen. It fell like on a movie set and was so quiet and beautiful. I can't believe I will have to wait another year before I get to experience it again.


Nonnahs said...

I'm glad you had so much fun your first time out. I had a blast! I'm anxious to go back already, too!

Theresa said...

Hmmm, maybe I didn't mention that I was moving to San Diego. OK, so I'm moving to San Diego in June. I'm doing my residency out there, and I'm really excited about it, although I've never lived south or west of Philadelphia (which is, by definition, in the Northeast). Hence my irrational excitement with all things San Diegan. And the snow. I'll definitely hit you guys up for a grand tour of LYSes. It seems like there's no shortage!