Friday, March 24, 2006

Worth a thousand words

I've seen entirely too many sunrises lately. But because of this, I've been able to make a new addition to my electronic family. After work on Wednesday I went straight over to Best Buy and got my new camera! This allowed me to take this photo of the sunrise from my office window yesterday morning. And in "my office window", I am refering to one of the windows at my office, rather than an actual window in my office from which I can gaze out of all day, especially since I don't even have an office. I have a cube. Sigh.

I also was able to take this technologically geeky photo of me and B during our video chat at lunch yesterday. Man, you gotta love the Internet. I don't think I would have believed it 10 years ago if someone had told me I could watch live video of my husband in France for free.

If you look close, you can kind of see his face in the screen. It's cute too to see my niece and nephew absorb this technology as if it has always been there. My nephew most days waves to me as soon as my face pops up on the screen. (Although neither child would talk to me today. I'm not supposed to take it personnally, right?) Pretty amazing.

And I was also able to take a picture of this...

I'm sure most of you already recognize this as the first installment in the Rockin' Sock Club. Nonnahs and I are splitting a 1/3 membership, so the next one will probably come half way through the membership period, but my curiosity is killing me!

And in San Diego was warm! I am ever so thankful I got to wear Erin at least a couple times before sweater weather became a thing of the past. I also had today off, so I took the opportunity to make a trip to Knitting in La Jolla where I picked up my second Addi Turbo circular for the socks of circulars method. I'm getting excited to try this and I am already trying to decide which sock yarn to knit up next. My second sock in my first pair is coming along nicely (I'm almost done with the short row heel), so I wanted to be sure and be prepared to start my 2nd pair of socks, which once they are done, will go to live with my sister-in-law M as a belated birthday present.

And now, I am going to enjoy a quite evening at home. I got a bottle of wine, some fresh bread, mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil at Trader Joe's today and a cheesy romantic comedy from Netflix, so I think I'm all set. I'll see some of you tomorrow at Rebecca's!


Chris said...

Oh, sounds like a perfect evening! Congrats on the new camera, too - I got one in December, and it made SO MUCH difference.

christine said...

Wow, dis, that's some sunrise! Great picture!!!!!!!!

Amanda cathleen said...

that is one beautiful sunrise photo! mmmm... look at the STR I love the color!
Congrats You won the little contest over on my blog! Let me know what color you would like and send me an email (mistress_stash_enhancer (at) yahoo (dot) com ) Thanks!