Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Much Better

Things are right in the world today...well, almost. We're still missing a certain little person in a fur coat who we are scheduled to pick up this weekend. But, B is back and he made it home safe and sound.

Although, I don't envy his flight from Detroit, which was iPodless, movieless, tvless, and knittingless (the last of which I suppose really didn't bother him all that much), he managed to make it through customs easy. Last time, his allergy plagued mountain man appearance generated some suspicion with the CBP officers who ended up getting quite a kick out of the German nudy man calendar he had bought for me - So, this is for your wife, huh?

This time he brought me back these:

This is Thyme and Lavender syrups, which is an amazing coincidence because we had been talking (hypothesizing) about Lavender syrup at our SnB get together on Saturday. Apparently it can be added to teas and desserts. I'm really anxious to try both. At the bottom is fresh thyme, which grows in abundance around the farm.

He also brought back some yummy cheeses:

In the ceramic container is Saint Marcellin du Dauphine goat cheese, 100% authentique Roqueforte papillon is at the top (the mold is truly crazy - I think I've thrown things like this away before! Although I suppose Roqueforte has nothing on my moldy sharp cheddar), and finally the Morbier is on the right.

For B's welcome back dinner, we are having a cattleman's sirloin with Roqueforte B sauce, roasted asparagus (my new favorite thing) and potato salad with fresh basil and this amazing mustard I got up in Paso Robles. Yum!


knitzalot said...

Sounds delicious! What time should I be there?

Theresa said...

I'm with knitzalot - can we crash your romantic welcome-home dinner? Enjoy!

Jeanette said...

That does sound like an amazing dinner, though as a vegetarian, I wouldn't join the crashers (probably am too late anyway)

Nonnahs said...

Yum! Welcome back, B!

Chris said...

Damn, I'm suddenly very hungry! Glad your household is almost back to normal.

Nasus said...

Oh my goodness, the cheese looks amazing...and lol about B getting caught with the calendar! btw you can ignore my email from today - this post answered my question :)

Amanda Cathleen said...

Welcome back B! mmmmm, he brought you back some nice treats : )