Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tank Season

Let's just forget, for a moment, that I'm only 1/2 done with my Bougainvillea socks...still. Never mind that. I now also have two tanks in the pipeline. It's Spring, after all- my favorite season! Something about the weather getting a little warmer (but not too hot) and the jasmine in the air- it just makes me happy. And how better to commemorate this wonderful season, than with some cute tanks?

The tank I have already started is the Fitted Tank pattern by Alison Williams using Blue Sky Cotton- basically, exactly like the one in the picture- I just love that orange, don't you? I've been hoarding Gerber daisies in that very same color for the past few weeks. I can't get enough of it! (Tangent: how much do I love having fresh flowers in the house? I really, really love it! I've been treating myself to a small bunch during our weekly visit to Whole Foods. While B gets the cart, I grab a bunch of pretty flowers to put in it. It works out.) Aaanyway, we'll see just how much my tank ends up resembling the one in the photo by the time I'm finished. I doubt it will be recognizable, but we shall see.

The tank I have not yet started, but am pretty excited about, is the Shell Tank from Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature. I love this book, if you will recall. I joined the Knitting Nature KAL. (My first KAL!) I think seeing everyone else's beautiful work and progress will help keep me on track and motivated (slow knitter that I am). I was in a bit of a quandary as to which project to choose first- there are some drop-dead gorgeous sweaters in that book! Since it is Tank Season, I decided on what else, a tank. It was tough- the Roundabout Leaf Tank is beautiful, and so interesting, it caught my eye right away. But several people in the KAL are already doing it, so I thought I would try something a little different and instead chose the Shell Tank. I find the lines and stylized shell pattern very interesting. Plus, it's so different than designs I'm normally drawn to- I thought it would be fun to venture out of my comfort zone and try something a little different. What's the big deal, you ask? Look at it- it's asymmetrical! And if ever a girl was into symmetry, it's this one. But, I think it'll be fun! I plan to use Tahki Cotton Classic in a light lilac color. As soon as it arrives, I'll get a pic and you can see what you think. I think it will be pretty.
I do love that butter yellow color, but as long as I'm getting all crazy up in here with my pattern choice, I may as well stray from my usual colors as well. What am I like right now? What's come over me?. . . It must be Spring!


The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Fun projects! I'm really curious to know how you like the Tahki Cotton Classic. I've never even seen it in person, much less used it. I'd love to try someday, though.

Jennifer said...

The Knitting nature is tank is so cute! Tanks really are begging to be knit right now.

Cristina (CrissyPo) said...

Cool! Another SD person joining the KAL. I look forward to seeing how the tank knits up.

Chris said...

Those are both gorgeous tanks - it will be fun to watch your knit them.

It was cold and rainy and windy here today - hard to start thinking about tanks, alas.