Friday, June 16, 2006

Hip to be Square

I'm not quite sure what is wrong with me lately. And I'm sure there are quite a few of you out there who really don't think this is a problem. But, I just can't seem to focus on a project. I keep getting distracted and obsessed, which ends up with my knitting time spread way to thin to actually see much progress. I feel like I keep bringing the same things to the knit groups every week. So, of course, I just got one more project for the pile.

Being a fairly new reader of Mason-Dixon, I absolutely fell head over heels for the mitered square blanket when I first looked through their book. (And in case you haven't heard it enough times already, this is a really great book. There are many things that caught my eye and are now fairly high on the To-Knit List. Another one being the linen After Dark Nightie. I happen to already have 2 hanks of Euroflax linen in my stash from my SP5, so I only need to track down one more. I know there is a way to ask people if they have your same dye lot online, so I figure I give that a go first...once I figure out how to do it). I don't need the full amount of yarn because I am technically not making the full blanket. I'm making a body pillow cover for our futon. We've had the same futon pad for about 10 years and it is slowing losing its form, so both B and I have given to placing pillows behind out backs when we sit on the couch. We thought a body pillow would be perfect because we can run it along the length of the entire couch. And if you are going to have a big ass pillow on your couch you might as well have it stylishly covered, no?

I think I am going to end up needing about 3/5 of the squares for the blanket size in the book, but the beauty of a blanket put together like this is that you really can do whatever you want with it. I also happened to have come across a Memorial Day sale that allowed me to pick up a good portion of the yarn for about $3 a hank. I am sticking with more muted tones, but any color is a go. There will definitly be some blues, reds, and hopefully I can find a good yellow to go with the greens (yes, there really are 2 greens in that photos), lavenders, adobe and taupe shown above. I think I will try and pick up the random amounts I need left as I see good colors...which will also help to spread out the expense.

I have finished the Blue Sky fitted tank I was working on, but the neck line is a disaster. I am going to try blocking it to see if that helps and I plan to post a picture before I pass it along to my mom in a week or so. I am also really bummed I missed the Knit Salon at the Grove last night. I ended up finding a near disaster on my desk a half an hour before quitting time (for four days) and had to stay until 7:30 to fix my F-up. By that time, I was grumpy, weepy, hungry and had a little doggie that had spent too much time by herself yesterday to be left until 9:00. So, I got myself some rolled tacos with sour cream from my favorite taco shop and some of my favorite beer, headed home and soothed myself with a couple episodes of Lost.

The good thing (well, great thing, really), is that I am off to LA today to spend some quality girl time with Nonnahs. We are having a good old fashioned sleepover and have talked about heading up to the Getty to knit and hang out a bit this afternoon. I plan to come back to San Diego in time for Rebecca's on Saturday. Should be a fun weekend!


Melissa said...

I am planning on making that blanket, too! I don't have the book, I'm using a pattern that is basically the same I found online. I'm using cheap-o simply soft, though.

Jennifer said...

MDK has really great projects. The blanket will be beautiful! Enjoy your visit with Nonnahs!

Chris said...

Love MDK. Love log cabin knitting.

Have a great weekend - sounds like you totally need the break. :)

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

I love that book, too. The nightie seems a bit too much of a dream for my current shape or any shape I'll be likely to have in the near future. I do like the bathroom curtain made of euroflax, though, and I've been sneaking peeks of places to buy some online.

By the way, I must come over and see your ever-growing stash some day. I've heard from certain sources that it's quite impressive. And, if you start running out of room for stuff, I think those hanging mesh cilyndrical things from Ikea would work well.

Theresa said...

Hope it was fun - I'll see you there!

amanda cathleen said...

I totally understand your desire to knit the log cabin blanket!! Its so bright colorful and lovely, I'm still trying to resist : )

Nonnahs said...

I can't wait to see your squares knit up!