Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Buttons, handles and wierd coinky-dinks

Yesterday I went to Joann's in Laguna Hills and bought a button for Tempting II and a purse handle. If you want a good, inexpensive selection of buttons and purse handles, this is a good place to shop.

Have you ever met a person who on first impression seems so different from you, yet you realize how strangely alike you are? As an example, my co-worker: 1) we both knit (she goes a step further and leads a Stitch-n-Bitch group); 2) she loves camping/backpacking; and finally, the craziest coincidence...3) both of our sisters prepare our breakfast...steel cut oats from Trader Joe's. How wierd is that? Steel cut oats, by the way, are good for you. A bit nutty-tasting, and better for your health than the sweet packets of microwaveable Quaker Oats.

K and I will be leaving for Sequoia National Park next week for some camping and backpacking...I'm so excited!!


Disentangled said...

I love strange coincidences with when I fould out one of the knit salon girls used to volunteer for the same Primate project I did in college.

Jennifer said...

Have a good trip!

Amanda Cathleen said...

my friend/neighbor Amanda and I are so much a like. We just met 2 years ago. Its wierd how strangly alike we are!
Hope you have a great trip!

Nonnahs said...

Gotta try those steel cut oats... :)

jillian said...

I only enjoy steel-cut oats! Yummy!

Have a great trip!

Carrie K said...

Weird coincidences are great. One of my best friend's younger brother has the same birthday as my younger brother, our paternal grandmothers have the same birthday, my mom and her dad are a day apart and we both like to sew.

I thought steel cut oats were icky! (my brother loves them) but found out I was making them wrong.

Hope your headache goes away (they seem to be epidemic lately) but Sequoia Natl Park looks great.