Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Full Disclosure

WARNING: This post contains photos of clutter. Welcome to my world.

It doesn't seem to matter how hard I try, my coffee table always looks like this.

Most of this stuff I can't put away, because I'm in the middle of a project. The second it goes to the "yarn closet", I'll need it again, so I better keep it handy, right? It's no wonder every so often B mentions that maybe I should try to finish something. I don't take it personally, I have taken over nearly every open surface in the house for yarn "storage".

But I do have some new found motivation to finish some things. Summer will be over before I know it and Cable 8 will hardly take any time to finish. My Niece/Nephew (N/N) is nearly ready to join us and the first baby sweater is almost done. So, what did I do? I started swatching for a new project.

This is Kona Bay Cotton (100% Pima cotton) in "Teal" but this photo is actually a pretty good representation of the color, not what I typically think of as teal. In fact, in college my dream car (that never materialized) was a Toyota Tercel of a similar shade. Knitzalot couldn't stop saying enough nice things about this cotton, so I decided to give it a try. I also started to see it transformed into the same shape as one of my favorite Gap tank/tees. It should be a very easy shape to make into a knitted garment and it will give me practice designing something for myself. I'm sure there is a pattern just like what I have in mind out there already, but that's not really the point.

Finally, this is not a picture of the soy sauce stain on the carpet by the front door (don't ask, it takes real talent). I finally caught Jenny during her evening "exercise". If you click on the picture and make it a little bigger, you can see that her left ear is flying in the air and she has a huge grin on her face.

The angle she is at also gives some idea of how fast that little doggie was tearing around the house, since she was just coming out of a high speed U-turn. The best part about this picture is that I took it tonight, which means Jenny is feeling good. Last night and earlier today she wasn't herself. She seemed to not feel well and just wanted to lay around. The worst was that she seemed nervous to jump up on the couch and waited for us to help her up. We were really afraid that she had hurt her back again and the thought of her being laid up for months again made me so sad. It's been three years since the last time and we have been hoping that her daily glucosamine pill might keep away a relapse. Tonight she is so much better that I am starting to think maybe it was more of a passing illness than back problems, but we'll make sure she takes it *fairly* easy for a couple days to be sure.


Mouse said...

Oh no-- clutter!! Gee.. none of us have THAT in our houses-- and it certainly doesn't contain mountains of yarn and knitting books!!
Girl- I have a whole ROOM that looks like that.. its called my office. LOL

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Not to get all high-and-mighty, but you know, we don't have clutter at our house (said with a Thurston Howe kind of accent). Hee! Hee! Yeah, at our place, it's just called "mess".

And, love watching doggies run like that. We used to get Ruby going fast by saying "run, Ruby, run." Brad should remember that.

christine said...

My coffee table looks frighteningly similar to yours..........I'll take a picture. Actually, mine is worse, because Bob's s...t is on it too.

Love the Jenny picture......dachshund laps! Nothing better!

Jennifer said...

If I had a coffee table, it'd look like that. I have all my yarn stuffed in my desk. It's scary.

Nonnahs said...

Yeah...B bought me a special ottoman that opens up so you can store stuff inside- thoughtful...yeah, right... ;)

pam said...

AHAHA I'm dying laughing at the dog!!