Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

It has been busy trying to get ready for our vacation, but I think most preparations are finally done and we are ready to go. My weekend started Thursday night with a brief visit to the Knit Salon before joining my loopy girls at a local Italian restaurant. Since Nonnahs was in town, we also made it over to the Carlsbad outlets on Friday afternoon (on her way back to LA), in the hopes of finding some fall clothes. I got a good basic black dress (with the idea that it would be a great dress to wear my handknits on top of) as well as a new denim jacket (for $24, I have to add!!) and a pair of cordoroy pants. B and I then spent today running all over the place and tuning up our older, but bigger car we are taking on our trip.

I also had my second Deep V vest class this afternoon. We spent 4 hours and actually didn't knit a stitch. We did however spend the class time calculating gauge and making the not complicated, but confusing calculations to adjust for our differences in row and stitch gauge. The key changes being for most of us to account for a bigger row gauge. One of the goals of this class is not just to knit the vest, but to learn the skills to make personalized modifications and adjustments to make well fitting garments. After today's class, I think I am all ready to go.

I have also decided that of the two swatches, I'm happy with the initial color configuration (the red being the trim and main color).

One thing that was interesting, is that when I switched the yarn in my hands for the second swatch, it changes dramatically the way the colors lay together. I also seemed to have gotten worse with my fair isle in the second swatch. I just hope that it evens back out when I start on the vest itself. It should be easier since I can actually knit in the round on one set of circulars and not have to mess with 2 circulars or the magic loop. I've also resolved my issue with these colors seeming too "Christmas-y". Red and tans seem to be a pretty common color combination, especially for home decor, so I think it will be just fine and I am actually really looking forward to wearing December when the class ends. Ugh!

Finally, tonight while taking a few loads down to the car, we saw the most spectacular fireworks show we've ever seen. We usually hear the fireworks at Qualcomm Stadium from our place, but rarely go watch them anymore. However, since our parking area over looks the stadium, we stopped and watched, especially since it had already been going on for so long. When it came time for the grande finale, of which there had already been several normal sized grande finales, there were so many fireworks, I started laughing and couldn't stop. It almost became ridiculous. Cool, but ridiculous. It turned out it was a show put on by one of our local radio stations in conjunction with an SDSU game.

Ok, I guess that's it for me for now and for the next week or so. We can't put off packing any longer. Hope you all have a great week!


Theresa said...

Love the vest. I agree about the red dominance. Is it going on vacation with you? Have a great trip.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like your class is a good one. I think you are making the right decision with the red as the background color.

Have a nice trip!

Mouse said...

I like the red being dominant as well.. I'm in awe of that swatch!

amanda cathleen said...

I'm loven the swatch on the left. Hope you have a great week!

Nonnahs said...

I already told you I liked the red(er) one. Hope you're having fun on your trip (I know you are)!