Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Broken bones, mistake ribs, and twin berries

Yes, I'm still alive. I've been away (at home, actually, as well as Cedars Sinai), tending to B, who broke is arm last week. Oh no, how did that happen, you ask? Why, skateboarding, of course! Yes, B, who is indeed 34 and not 15, was at the skate park last week with some guys from work (also "adults"), when he fell in a bowl and landed on his right elbow. (I should add here that B is not the first, or dare I speculate, the last, one of them to be injured at the skate park) I remind myself that it could have been worse- I'm thankful he didn't land on his head, for example, and I'm glad he always wears a helmet and pads, but still. A broken bone! I know, from first-hand experience that a broken bone (or two, as it was in my case) is not fun. We spent part of Thursday and most of Friday at Cedars, where he had surgery. He is recovering well, not in too much pain. (And thankfully, not too much of a pain - hehe.) His arm is in a big ol' splint that he has to keep elevated and iced. If you look closely behind Dakota, you can see evidence of the injury.
B is fiercely independent, which is a welcome alternative to the way guys normally are big babies when they are sick or hurt in any way, but I'd still like him to take it easy and not try to do everything himself, when he needs to be resting and healing. He actually thought he might be back to work yesterday - HA - glad he was able to see the light on that one. Still, I think he's going to try to go back sometime this week. Good thing his job doesn't require him to use the computer and mouse at all (she says, sarcastically- he works on computer special effects for movies). I was reluctant to leave him home alone, for fear that he may try to do too much, but the Doogles is home with him, and will make sure he takes it easy. Oy vey!
An upside to this recent health debacle, aside from being able to spend a little extra time with B, was that waiting at the hospital for nine hours on Friday allowed me a nice chunk of knitting time. But, what to bring? Somehow, trying to figure out my first toe-up socks and/or counting for my Carmelita shawl both seemed like bad ideas to knit while waiting for a loved one to come out of surgery. And so, I decided to work mindlessly on a scarf. I haven't made a scarf, for myself or anyone else, in a long, long time. But I needed an easy waiting room diversion project, and the Child's Rainbow Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts turned out to be just the thing.
It's easy (mistake rib pattern, using 2 skeins of Noro), so I was able to keep an ear out for updates, as well as stop and start again as needed. The pattern calls for 2 different colorways of Kureyon, but I had one skein of Kureyon and one skein of Silk Garden in my stash, so I improvised. (What do you want from me, with one day's notice?) It's not quite finished, but I was able to get quite a lot done. I'm calling this piece, what else, the Broken Elbow scarf.
I also started on my Socktoberfest knee highs over the weekend...finally! It took me a long time to get goin' on the toe-up thing, but I worked it out, and now have 2 mini toe warmers! I'm pretty excited. So much so, that it deserves a post of its own, so I will continue along those lines later.
For now, I leave you with this: The peanuts, sporting the little fruit beanies I made for them. They finally fit! I know I am extremely biased, but I don't think it can get much cuter than this:

Or this:

...Then again, we haven't seen them in their peanut Halloween costumes yet!

ETA: Sorry for the annoying spacing (or lack thereof) - damn Blogger!


Disentangled said...

OMG - the only thing cuter than little hand knits are babies in hand knits! Look at those smiley faces!

The scarf looks great, too ;-)

Mouse said...

Babies in hand knit fruit hats - holy cuteness! hee hee!

Jennifer said...

I love the little fruits! What cuties.

Poor B. My 32 year old RM has two swollen hands from being trounced on at his flag football game. When will they realize they're not 21 anymore?

Julia said...

There was a time when I thought of trying to ban M from basketball - he has lost teeth, had numerous stiches, and the coup de grace - punctured a lung. The thing is that living is about doing the things we love. I could easily injure myself knitting in the car (in the passenger seat only!), but I'm not going to let that stop me. As long as he's putting a helmet on that noggin' and padding those elbows, there's not much more to be done. Enjoy his adventurous spirit! (I'm sure you do.)

All the knitted items look great. I'm loving the peanuts and their hats!

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Sounds like it's about time for some Aflac accident insurance - ask Dis why that can come in handy for overgrown kids.

The peanuts look adorable in those hats. I'm biased towards my own kids' cuteness, but those are some sweet fruits there.

Monica said...

The peanuts in their hats and giggles are too cute.

Thanks for your well wishes! I hope B heals up fast.

jillian said...

Hope B heals quickly!

Your scarf is lovely and the baby hats precious. That scarf pattern has been on my mind of late. Such a nifty "trick"!

Shelley said...

I thought those hats were cute before but now!! OMG! Adorable babies! And the scarf it nice too! Gave me ideas myself.

amanda cathleen said...

Hope B heals quickly! The peanuts are too cute for words! the hats are adorable. Great scarf too! Good use of your stash : )

Jane said...

Your knitted items are just lovely! What colors of the Noro yarns did you use for the scarf? I have been thinking about knitting that one myself. As a new knitter, I am not terribly adventurous with selecting my own yarns yet, and I like your combination better than the one in the book. Thanks!