Friday, November 03, 2006

Random Friday

I got a special treat in my inbox the other day. My friend sent me a photo of her son and the Baby Blue Bobbi Bear I made for him when he was born. Apparently he likes it a lot and is using the ears to teethe on! I don't know about you, but I LOVE seeing or hearing that people are using the gifts I knit for them.

And in if we are keeping score, Handknit Toys should get another point because if Baby Blue's ears get teethed right off, new ones can take their place! Try doing that Store Bought Toys!

In other random news, I wanted to be sure that all of you sock knitters out there check out The Loopy Ewe. Sheri has an amazing selection of sock yarn to pick from, including several lines from the small hand-dyers out there. So, not only are you supporting an indie artist, you are support an indie business, too. Two bangs for one buck (or two ;-). The other thing you need to know about the Loopy Ewe is that not only does every member of her family help in the business, the customer service is bar none. She values doing business right and understands the importance of happy customers. There are lots of little purks, like practically instantaneous shipping (seriously, I got a shipping confirmation about an hour after I placed my order!) and she keeps track of your purchases. So after you hit a certain amount, you get a generous store credit as a thank you! Finally, she has started a club for people that have made more than five purchases, the Loopy Groupies. With your sixth purchase, you are automatically part of the club and get even more perks! So, there you have it, no reason not to order from The Loopy Ewe! You will be glad you did ;-)

Finally, I just wanted to share a photo we took at Nasus' birthday dinner last week. Nonnahs was able to drive down for the event, so we all got a chance to spend a bit of time together. We ate at the Miami Grille and it was super yummy.

Now, if we could only figure out how to do this more often!


Mouse said...

Awww.. what an adorable picture! I have yet to see one of my knitted and gifted items in action.. but I would love to! Great photo of the three of you.. I know what its like to miss your friends like crazy!

Jennifer said...

Look how happy he is with his Bear! So cute.

I'll have to check out that online shop!

Nonnahs said...

Look how happy Nasus looks! I love it! Was it because of us or the mojitos? ;) Very cute bobbi bear "in action!" ;)

Nasus said...

Happy because of you guys, of course! I would have never imagined the bobbi bear as a teething toy - so cute!

amanda cathleen said...

you guys look so happy! Great pic!
The little guy looks so happy with his bear! Another great pic : )