Sunday, February 04, 2007

Camera-less update

So, it's been awhile. We've been having trouble with the feed for our blog that most people are subscribed to and so far, we just can't figure out how to fix it. It happened as soon as we switched to the new blogger last weekend. The other two feeds updated, but not the main one. Since none of us are web-people, this really has us stumped and the explanations are confusing if you don't already understand how this whole thing works to begin with. The fixes that we tried last time we had this problem aren't possible with the new version of blogger (having the ability to re-publish the blog manually), so I guess we are just stuck. We notified Blogger of the issue, but haven't heard I'm sure they have their hands full right now.

I decided to just proceed as usual and maybe the publishing of posts and updates to the template will help "re-publish" the whole blog and fix this problem. It just sucks, because we have no way of telling the people subscribed to that feed that there is a problem. Hopefully they will see the error message in Bloglines and eventually check in to see if everything is alright...

Anyway, I have been busy with my various projects and managed to not only finish Starsky for my January UFO Resurrection, but a little scarf that I was working on for my office project. I would love to show you photos of them, but it seems that my camera is M.I.A. I'm not too worried because I know (more or less) where it is. I was taking pictures at Nasus and K's wedding party yesterday and I'm sure I left it at the house we were at. So, no scarf photos (they were already on the camera) and no Starsky photos as there is no camera to take my FO photos.

But, there were a couple things I've been meaning to mention for awhile, so maybe these pictures will serve as an adequate distraction. First, as proof of my Starsky progress, here are the finished pieces blocking.

However, with this photo I also wanted to share a little hint and tip. I've had wonderful success wet blocking using what I call my "thirsty" towels. These are those blue towels that they sell at camping stores or sports stores. They are made out of a thin fabric that sucks up many times their weight in water and dry super fast. They are great for camping because they are compact yet work just as good as a regular towel. Swimmers often have smaller versions to help dry their hair quickly. Turns out, they are also great for wet blocking! Because the fabric is designed to wick up the moisture, they pull the water out of the wool quickly. I usually place a plastic grocery bag (cut open like a big rectangle) under my thirsty towel. Then pin out my fabric like normal. The plastic keeps the moisture from soaking through to my carpet (which makes for longer drying time) and the wicking towel continually pulls the moisture from the wool. Add a little moving air with a small fan and I've been able to dry a full sweater overnight. My Deep V vest that was 4 layers thick in some places was dry in one day! Anyway, I don't think I could go back to using regular towels for this job and I hadn't heard anyone else talk about this method, so I thought I would share. Try it, you'll be amazed!

Next up I decided to apply this year's Project Spectrum in a specific may. I've become obsessed with making "block" blankets. Now, I actually haven't made any yet, but I have plans, big plans. The blanket that has inspired me the most is a rendition of the Manos "Four Seasons" throw. Lickety Knit made one as a wedding gift for a friend and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I realized that a blanket like this would be an affordable project if done in stallments and since I want a blanket with a different color for each block, I can pretty much pick up a hank of Manos whenever I am so inclined.

However, in order to make this a project that actually gets completed, I thought I would knit the squares according to the Project Spectrum colors. This will let me participate in a way that is realistic for me (i.e. low stress) and will help me get my blanket done. I had previously purchased a hank of beautiful red Manos to start me out, but since blue is first, I went out to Lori's in Alpine (which is currently going through a very exciting expansion!) and picked up a hank of Mallard.

I've cast-on and am happily knitting away on square number 1. Thank you, Lolly for the great inspiration!


mle said...

What a good idea for a blanket!!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it doesn't seem to have worked. Stupid. On the other hand- Starsky- YAY!

Rachel said...

Using those moisture-wicking towels for blocking is brilliant! I can't believe we aren't all doing that....

I love the idea of the Four Seasons throw in Project Spectrum colors. The couple who received mine for a wedding gift tell me all the time how much they enjoy it. (That was supposed to be encouraging you in this gift choice, not tooting my own horn!)