Thursday, March 22, 2007

10 things for Thursday

1. In the employment immigration world this time of year is effectionately refered to as Cap Time.
2. Cap Time sucks.
3. I was home (and awake) for 2 hours last night and I clocked in this morning at 5:54 am. :-(
4. My brother's sweater is crushing my soul. It must get finished...ASAP!
5. People if you aren't subscribing to Cute Overload yet, you need to do so now! It seriously saves my day. Case in point: this video.
6. I may or may not be getting Jenny stitch markers made from Wee Ones.
7. And no, that doesn't make me crazy-pet-owner. I am already ;-)
8. I am almost finished with my first Manos blanket square and I LOVE IT! This is going to be the best blanket ever!
9. I may just have to pick up a couple more "squares" of Manos at the Knitting in La Jolla sale on Saturday.
10. The back of my Ann Taylor top is coming along nicely, but slowly. Hopefully I'll be able to have it done for class on the 31st. Oh wait, that's right, I'll be working. Stupid Cap.


Jennifer said...

The Wee Ones stitch markers are so cute!!!

A Manos blanket sounds heavenly.

I hope you survive "Cap Time"!

Anonymous said...

Someone here likened cap time to tax time. "So, this is like tax time for you guys, huh?" Yup, pretty much. :p Also, not to dis (ha) your blanket, but it may have to be 2nd best blanket... :) Hang in there!

Cora said...

Ok, love the stitch markers!! Cutest things ever! Wonder if she can capture Jeb's fangs and fur? ;)

Nasus said...

I love that polar bear! And I would like to send my condolences regarding the Cap...

Anonymous said...

CUTE OVERLOAD--is so darn cute, I can barley stand it---thanks--See, it's the little things in life that make it worth while.