Thursday, April 19, 2007

10 things for another Thursday

1. The monkey is dead. My brother's sweater is necked, washed and blocked. I think he will really like the fit now. But somehow after the 2nd bath, the arms grew...even after I widened them. It must be magic yarn.
2. Wee Jennys! I actually got these from Wee-Ones a little while ago, but hadn't had the opportunity to post about them yet.

I put my thumb in there for scale because honestly, they are even more wee than I thought they were going to be. She was super great to work with and even though she apologized for the delay in finishing them, I thought she was super fast! I mean, these were totally custom for me. She even had me "proof" the first concept piece. So, if you have a special friend - get them immortalize in femo clay!
3. I finally finished the back of my design class sweater project. I washed and blocked it last night.
4. It will be a miracle if I can replicate what I did for the (identical) front piece.
5. With my brother's sweater of the to-do list, I am officially only working on 2 active projects: my design sweater and my manos blanket.
6. Manos makes me really happy.
7. But I am starting to panic about a couple of my color choices. Part of the blanket looks like a swamp and the other part is super happy. I'm trying to make them work together, but was having trouble. I'll have to get my colorist, B recruited for the job.
8. Last Saturday I fell in love with Koigu all over again. I mean, did I ever fall out of love? No. But, I found the most beautiful colorway that is perfect for Mim's Seraphim. Not too solid, not too variegated. But I would need about 6 hanks. Ugh.
9. I made it back to spin class last night after a 4 month hiatus. I initially took a break to avoid all the New Year's resolution people that swarm the gym in January and take all the bikes in class before I can get over there after work. But then it just stuck and I didn't go back until last night.
10. So, in an effort to keep my motivation, the paperclip chain has been started again. If I can go for 12 weeks without skipping (for no GOOD reason), I will have earned that Koigu!


knitzalot said...

Yay! Congrats on your brother's sweater. That's a real accomplishment and a test of fortitude. I'm sure he'll love it!

Theresa said...

You've been busy! Sounds like a perfect plan to get that Koigu.

mle said...

Good for you for getting back to the gym! I've had all manner of excuses for over 6 months but I know it's time to get back to it. Maybe I'll start tonight.
Those stitch markers are sooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

OMG, the wee Jennies! Even more wee than the actual Jenny! Too cute!

Jennifer said...

Yay for finishing your brother's sweater!

I love the wee ones markers. They are so adorable.

And mmmm.... Koigu! Always a solid choice and a worthy prize to keep you motivated.

Nasus said...

Yay on the sweater! And how crazy cute are those wee jennys!

amanda cathleen said...

wow girl you've been busy!! yay for your bro's sweater, and the wee little jenny's are too cute for words

Rachel said...

Go you! Earn that Koigu! I can't think of a better motivator.

I had big trouble with the color combo in a Manos blanket I made. In the end I just decided it was quirky.