Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Our planned lazy Sunday turned out not to be so lazy after all. My goal all week and into the weekend was to get all of our chores done so we could relax and play today...that didn't happen. It was fine though because we got so much done it is ridiculous! First, we ended up doing all those chores today in the midst of two major (mostly) non-knitting projects which will be blogged about this week as they are completed.

So to distract you, I've included a current status picture of my modified Cozy V-neck Pullover. You can see that the neck is doing what I was hoping it would...namely be deeper. I had some gauge issues that I think I have more or less worked out, so I think with a good blocking all the little wiggles and warps should *hopefully* work themselves out.

I would love to keep working on this sweater full steam except for my design class sweater is getting in the way. The front is supposed to be done for our class next Saturday. I have the back done and I am working away on the front but really it is just two of the exact same. I don't NEED to have the front done in order to plan out my sleeves in class but given my current level of distraction, I feel it is a really good idea to get the front done as soon as possible.

I had initially intended to repeat the lace panel along the bottom edges of the short sleeves, but the more I have thought about it, the more I think that would just take away from the lace at the bottom of the front and back. I'm thinking a little something needs to be at the sleeve edge, but more toned down. Knitzalot suggested a picot hem, so I'll be looking into that this week before class.

And as a final distraction, I thought I would share a few photos of the roses from the Balboa Park Rose Garden I took last weekend. I thought it would be a fun contrast to the beautiful desert scenery Nonnahs posted earlier in the week.


The Stitchin' Sheep said...

It's funny that we're a million miles apart, but we must be online around the same time. You need to go to bed, young lady.

The deep-v sweater is looking really good, and I love the one you're designing. Are you going to start writing pattern books like everyone else in blogland, too?

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

No, now that I take a look at the time stamp on this post, I guess you weren't up that late, so you aren't online at the same time as I am.

I guess bloglines just didn't update when they should have, or something, because the first time I looked this morning, this post wasn't there.

Jennifer said...

Ooo, what are the nonknitting things you've been working on? I'm intrigued.

I like the mods you are making with Cozy.

Nonnahs said...

Your class sweater is so cute. I think a picot edge will look good. I like the idea of keeping the main lace panel at the bottom. You're doing such a great job!

Theresa said...

Sounds quite productive. The joy of working on multiple things is that you can really make progress on so many fronts. Let me tell you, it's way better than knitting a lace border endlessly and endlessly and endlessly . . .

dhyana rose said...

Hi Girl -
Love that deep Vneck !
See you saturday -