Thursday, June 21, 2007


Happy first day of summer everyone!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your compliments on the Peanut Dresses! I'm thrilled that you like them as much as I do! I'm even more flattered that several people have asked about getting the pattern. So...after some healthy coaxing and encouragement, I'm actually contemplating making the pattern available. My first pattern- really? I'll keep you posted! Thanks again to everyone for your support and have no idea how much I appreciate it. Warm fuzzies all the way around!

Another source of much joy this time of year: cherries!

Rainier cherries, in particular, make me really, really happy. They are so sweet, not to mention pretty, I just love them! My mom also loved them, so naturally, they remind me of her. And anything that reminds me of my mom makes me smile. They're pricey as all get out, but they make me so happy, I will allow myself this seasonal splurge.

Another sign of summer: the first fig on the tree!

This year, I'm making a concerted effort to get to more these before the pesky squirrels and birds (and other possible wildlife we shall not name) that roam around the yard when we're not looking. I'm dying to bake with these! I was never able to last year because I was obviously to slow. I got this recipe for Fig and Plum Cake last fall via, who else, Jess, which I can't wait to try. Also, Julia, I may be bugging you for that fig bar recipe. Mmm... All this, of course, hinges on if I can manage to get to the figs before the critters. (Marnie, I may need to borrow Miss Thea-Purl for the summer!)

I love our fig tree. It's been completely barren during the winter- merely sticks and bare branches. Spring brought the beautiful leaves back, and now it's lush and green again. (Our lawn, however, not so much.) And look- more baby figs!

Keep away, critters!


Marnie said...

We'll coax that pattern out of you ;)
I have a feeling that Thea would be more inclined to try to eat any fallen fruit than chase critters, but Panda, that's another story. She'll chase anything you got and do it with sass. I'll stick a stamp on her and send her your way.

Shelley said...

Big day today -- Your "Friday", the first day of summer, SP10 Reveal Day and I got tagged for a birthday meme. Just passing it along to you - details on my blog.

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm, Rainiers... They are a favorite at Chez Craftylilly too.

Madge said...

Sign me up for a copy of the Peanut pattern.

Cherries are a little bit of heaven on earth. And it's awesome that your fig tree bears fruit. SoCal is so cool that way - figs, avocados, pomegranates, citrus...YUM.

Happy summer to you!

Nasus said...

Wow - you're growing figs! And yes, Rainier cherries are my favorite too. The best I had was at Pikes Market in Seattle, where I ate close to 2lbs of it within an hour ;)

Miriam said...

You could get some bird netting and wrap it around the ends of the branches where you've got figs. That way the birds and squirrels would have a harder time getting to the fruit.

ms. pea said...

there's a fig tree in the yard at our new house - i am so excited about making figgy foods!

Rebecca said...

I love cherries, too! I remember...long selling them on the side of the road in CA. We would stop and by them on our bicycles and then ride along eating cherries and throwing out the pits on the side of the road! And YAY for Moms that make us smile!

Anonymous said...

Figs! I have a volunteer (something you did not plant but was taken by the wind and found a home in your garden) fig tree that is about 3 years old. It has figs this year--but they are dry and not juicy and yummy. Maybe next year..I have fig envy---