Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wax Off, Wax On?

With two WIP recently turned to FOs and one more painfully close, I needed something else to work on besides my Manos blanket. I also realized that it is June and I needed to get some summer knitting done. In trolling the internet, I ended up picking out two of the free Berroco patterns.

First up is Badia (also a recent nomiation for the next Sexy Knitters Club KAL). I had picked up enough Cotton Ease in Violet (191) for a tank of some sort while on sale recently. I had no specific plans, but figured something would inspire me. The gauge isn't exact, but if I knit the Cotton Ease the way I like it, I can make the size down from what I would normally make and it should come out right. (At least so far so good!)

I like this top because you can wear it over t-s (pretty much my uniform) as well as tanks. However, I think I will need to do a bit of playing with the straps so that it looks more 'tank over t' than VEST. I don't tend to wear too many vests and they aren't something I usually grab, so I may make the straps thinner so lessen that look. I'm toying with the idea of making the back solid, but then that seems to increase the vest look, so it may be left as written.

I also fell in love with Britannia when it was first emailed around in the Berroco update. It was actually me looking for this pattern that brought me to Badia in the first place. Britannia has a simple, classic retro look to it, maybe reminiscent of the 40's? I like that it is soft and feminine enough to wear with a dress, but could also be paired with jeans and (you guessed it) t-s!

I'm using some Kona Bay Cotton in Taupe (CPIA-73) that I've had in my stash for a while now. I knew it would be a challenge to find a suitable project for this yarn because it is just so dang floppy. It doesn't hold a rib well and I've been advised that it falls out of shape in fitted garments quickly. When I saw this pattern I instantly thought of my Kona Bay, the ribbed portion is actually a twisted rib that really doesn't seems to do a lot of work. The top is blousey, so I'm also not expecting any drooping to affect the overall look of the sweater that much.

The yarn is a little splitty, but the rib has turned out to be a real thorn in my side. All the twisted stitches (although beautiful and will be worth it in the end), keep me from getting any momentum when I work, especially when I have to watch out for them splitting. As a result, the ribbing has turned into my group knitting project, because it is the only way I will sit down and work more than a couple rows at a time. I'm currently focused on the fact that I FINALLY made it to the stockinette portion on the back...and NOT on the fact that there is a whole lot more of that ribbing in the neck and collar!

As for a funny photo, I saw a convoy of military vehicles on the way home a couple days ago. They appeared to be training as they all had yellow "Student Driver" signs hanging below each vehicle. However, check out the sign below this student driver:

That's right, it's upside down! (hee, hee)


Theresa said...

Those are two great summer finds. I'm on a quest at this very moment for a good summer knit.

Jennifer said...

Those are very cute summer tops!

Anonymous said...

Wow- look at you! Glad you got some knitting in, after having to work on Friday. Boo! Hope you made progress on your inbox!

amanda cathleen said...

your tank/vest looks beautiful! I love the mix of cable and lace very pretty! Can't wait to see how Britannia turns out.
Your last picture is just too funny! Love it *L*

Iris G said...

Oh the two Berroco tops are my favorites too! I like the colors you used, and your stitches look so even that I almost feel a little jealous:-)